​​TAI, Inc. provides thermal strap design, consultation, and testing services, in addition to our (thermal management) government R&D work in the SBIR program (among other contracting vehicles).  

Though we currently only provide these services, we will be releasing our own aluminum and OFHC copper thermal strap standard product lines in 2017.  

While we prepare for the release our own thermal strap standard product lines, we urge those customers looking to procure standard copper thermal straps (through mid-2017), to visit our sister company, Technology Applications (TechApps). TechApps provides custom and standard model Copper, Graphite, PGS and Graphene Thermal Straps, for space, aeronautics, and ground-based applications requiring a passive method of heat transfer. TechApps also offers major discounts to universities and national laboratories, as well as all new and returning customers.

The Copper Thermal Straps (CuTS) offered by TechApps are far more flexible, and a small fraction of the cost of copper thermal straps previously offered by companies like Thermacore, ATK, and other suppliers. Because they use cables instead of cu braid (a cable design being made from very fine wires, wrapped into smaller ropes and then smaller ropes wrapped into the final configuration), CuTS products are 25-65% more flexible on each axis than competing copper rope thermal straps.

TAI, Inc. also partners with TechApps on aerospace thermal management projects/proposals in the government contracting industry. Our goal is to advance the state of thermal strap, vapor chamber, and heat exchanger technologies, and to develop and commercialize thermal strap/thermal management technologies in the aerospace, commercial, and scientific/laboratory markets.

Copper Thermal Straps / Thermal Braids

TechApps provides OFHC copper thermal straps  in standard and custom configurations, and they also have a copper thermal strap catalog available on their website for download.

While copper rope straps are heavier than their aluminum foil and graphite counterparts, they are the most flexible, durable and affordable thermal strap commercially available; making them a favorite among universities, national/publicly-funded labs, commercial electronics and aerospace engineers across the globe.  These straps are built to the highest quality demanded by aerospace organizations like NASA, ESA and Lockheed Martin, yet they are affordable even on a modest university research program budget.

Copper rope straps are more commonly used in laboratory or terrestrial applications (such cryogenics equipment, physics experiments and in synchrotron/particle accelerators), but they are also used in space, on satellites and space vehicles, where either the budget is limited, or average operating temperatures are below 100K. 

Thermal Straps
thermal straps
Thermal Straps

Thermal Strap Development

SBIR and Government Research Programs 

In addition to in-house thermal strap and thermal management R&D, TAI, Inc. focuses on government contracting in the SBIR Program (among other government contracting vehicles), to further develop innovative thermal management technologies for the aerospace, commercial electronics, and defense industries.

SBIR Program Success

TAI, Inc. is happy to report we have just been selected for our first Department of Defense SBIR Ph. I award (in the 2016.1 solicitation), in our very first proposal (ever) submitted! We would like to thank our engineering team for this achievement. With this new infusion of energized, dedicated talent, we are looking forward to a bright and successful future! With this award and the knowledge gained from it, we hope to not only advance aerospace thermal management and thermal strap technology as a whole, but to also introduce entirely new thermal management products into the commercial electronics and industrial markets across the globe.


Thermal Strap Design, Consultation, Testing Services

Thermal Straps

Graphite Thermal Straps

While TAI, Inc can perform thermal strap stiffness, thermal conductance, thermal cylcling and other testing services for graphite thermal straps, TechnApps also designs and assembles flexible graphite fiber rope thermal straps.  These thermal straps are ideal for space applications when the average operating temperature is between 100K - 450K, and your program has a need for a very high thermal conductance to low mass ratio. They also are better suited to vibration isolation / attenuation (damping), than their heavier, more densely-packaged metallic counterparts.

It is important to understand that while their graphite fiber rope has a much higher material conductance than copper or aluminum, the average graphite thermal link will actually have roughly similar thermal performance compared to a comparably shaped/sized copper thermal strap. But, beyond the vibration isolation benefit, the average graphite thermal strap (GFTS), or Carbon Composite Thermal Strap (CCTS--see below) will weigh just 1/4 - 1/14 the mass of an equivalent copper strap, and 1/3 - 1/7 the mass of an aluminum strap. 

Graphite Thermal Straps from TechApps are involved in cutting edge space programs across the globe, and are used by NASA, JAXA, ESA, and several US & European aerospace organizations. These graphite straps also have Flight Heritage / have flown in important programs like JAXA's ASTRO-H and NASA's Orion program.

Thermal Strap
Thermal Straps