Copper Foil Thermal Strap

Pictured (Top): Thermal Conductance Test of Copper Thermal Strap at TAI, Inc.  Pictured (Bottom): Flex Cycle Test of Copper Thermal Strap provided by Technology Applications, Inc.

Thermal Strap Testing

Thermal Strap Testing Services

TAI, Inc. is currently developing our thermal strap and thermal management product testing capabilities.

While our sister company outsources shock and vibration testing to our certified testing facility partners, TAI, Inc. does provide several testing services here on site, at our facilities.

We provide thermal conductance testing under vacuum, at ambient temperature, though we will be providing conductance testing down to 77K in the fall of 2017.

In addition to thermal conductance testing, we also provide thermal strap stiffness testing, thermal cycling, and tensile strength testing.

To learn more about our strap testing services, please contact us today!

Thermal Strap - Shock and Vibe Test
copper thermal straps

Pictured (Top): Thermal Strap Vibration Testing at Partnering Test Facility.  Pictured (Bottom): TAI Inc. Thermal Conductance Test of CuFS™ strap provided by Technology Applications, Inc.

Thermal Straps