Flexible Vapor Chamber Thermal Strap

Flexible Vapor Chamber Hinge / Thermal Strap 

TAI-Inc., developed the first flexible vapor chamber thermal strap assembly (also known as a "flexible hinge").

The Flexible Vapor Chamber Thermal Strap utilizes OFHC cu vapor chambers in place of traditional copper end fittings, and incorporates a  flexible portion utilizing our newly-developed, ultra-flexible OFHC copper rope cabling (see TAI's OFHC UltraFlex on the Tech Apps website at https://www.techapps.com/copper-thermal-strap-assemblies).

Currently undergoing aerospace qualification testing at our facility, and with partnering facilities in Colorado and California, the Flexible Vapor Chamber Thermal Strap allows for greater heat transfer capabilities over traditional thermal straps. More information to come in the summer of 2016.

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FVCTS Test Data and Images

Thermal Straps

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