Thermal Management Design & Consultation Services

TAI Inc. is the sister company (and research branch), of Technology Applications, Inc. (TechApps).  TechApps was formed in 1994 by former engineers that specialized in the development of cryogenic and thermal management systems. Now that TechApps has moved on from an R&D-based SBIR contractor to a manufacturing organization (focusing largely on thermal straps/flexible thermal links), TAI, Inc. has largely taken over all R&D and SBIR/STTR programs.

Some past projects where TechApps (and TAI inc.) employees developed custom cooling and thermal control systems include:

  • A refrigerated headband that has been successfully used to show enhanced performance in elite athletes
  • An in-home oxygen liquefaction system capable of producing several liters of LOX per day to support the use of portable liquid units for COPD patients
  • A liquid nitrogen cryostat used to cool an critical optical element in an operating laser system that greatly improves target tracking capability aboard a military platform
  • Thermal acoustic barriers for thermal and noise mitigation in an advanced dual-use military vehicle
  • Phase change material (PCM) heat exchangers to provide load leveling  in a large antenna system  used for  active denial in military installations
  • Remote and distributed cryogenic  cooling system to mitigate vibration from mechanical cryocoolers decoupled from  a gimbaled optical system for active infrared sensing
  • Milli-Kelvin thermal control in a RF-tuning system utilizing Peltier devices for low temperature operation

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