Thermal Straps



Copper Thermal Straps 

TAI Inc. provides thermal strap consultation, design, manufacturing and testing services for companies seeking copper thermal straps for any commercial electronics, industrial, aerospace or scientific applications. We will be releasing our own standard product line of copper thermal strap products (details to be released in mid-2020). 

In addition to these activities, TAI, Inc. partners with our sister company, TechApps to develop new innovations to the their thermal strap product lines, and new thermal strap materials and products.

Though the flexible copper rope thermal strap / link tends to be the heaviest option when compared to graphite rope and sheet (or dated aluminum foil thermal straps), they are by far the most affordable---and often the most flexible strap on the market. Additionally, unlike competing annealed pyrolytic graphite foil "straps," cu rope thermal links are flexible on each axis, and far more durable (they will not shatter or crumble from simple handling, as many of our NASA and aerospace customers have discovered).

For these reason, they are also quite popular with universities and national/publicly-funded labs working in physics, cold lab instrument, synchrotron/particle accelerator, cryogenics, and semiconductor applications. These straps are ideal for applications below 100K, and offer a wider range of motion/superior flexibility and durability over aluminum and copper foil strap alternatives.

Thermal Straps
Copper Thermal Straps
Thermal Straps

Custom Copper Thermal Straps Designed and Tested by TAI, Inc.

Custom Copper Thermal Strap with Counterbored Bolt Holes

TechApps provides these straps in standard and custom variations, and is happy to help their customers to identify the ideal design given the available envelope, and interface areas. All customers are provided with complimentary consultation and notional design work, as part of the process.

Thermal Straps

Standard Model Copper Thermal Straps 

In addition to their custom offerings, our sister company provides a standard product line of their most popular designs. These straps are made using the same materials and assembly methods, and are available in 36 models (based on end fitting design.dimensions), with standard widths of: 0.5" , 1.0" and 2.0".

When possible, it is recommended that customers use standard thermal strap models, in order to eliminate and NRE/design fees, and reduce lead times. All standard series straps can be customized to a large degree with options such as: helicoil inserts, serialization, different rope diameters/weaves, and other options, at an affordable cost. However, please note that bolt pattern and braid length optimization is provided free of charge to all customers.

TAI, Inc. will be releasing our own standard model OFHC cu foil thermal straps in 2020. But in the meantime, we welcome your RFQ's, and are continuing to provide our customers with thermal strap assembly, design and test services.

Copper Thermal Straps

Custom Copper Thermal Straps / Thermal Braids

TechApps provides copper thermal straps / flexible copper thermal braids in custom configurations to meet the dimensional and performance requirements of a customer's program.

These straps can be made using a wide variety of OFHC cu rope sizes/braid configurations, and in nearly any end fitting/terminal block configuration.

Most orders take just 4-8 weeks to design, fabricate, test, clean and ship.

To learn more about their custom thermal / heat strap solutions, please visit their website.

Double Row Copper Thermal Strap Designed and Assembled by TAI, Inc. - Cryocooler Cold Head Thermal Link for a National Laboratory Customer